Why can´t the HRM Blue be connected or isn´t found by the application?

Please find listed below some tips on best usage that may apply:

  1. Did you turn on Bluetooth on your device? Open settings/preferences on your device. Search for Bluetooth entry and turn it on. Please be aware that even after you have turned on Bluetooth on your device the HRM Blue is not listed in your Bluetooth menu. The reason for that is that only Bluetooth 2.1 devices e.g. speakers, headsets etc. are listed here.
  2. Did you enable the correct Bluetooth setting? Please ensure to choose the Bluetooth Smart heart rate option (BT Smart (HRM)) within the application. If this is not available within the heart rate sensor setting the HRM Blue is compatible with settings for Wahoo Fisica Sensors, Runalyser and others. DO NOT choose ANT+ or other Dongle related standards.
  3. Did you moisten the electrode sensing area before you started the workout? Moisten both ends of the electrode sensing area of the chest strap with cool water or use an ECG gel. The sensor should now be detected when you start the application of your choice. DO NOT use oil or vaseline or other liquids to moisten the electrodes as the chest strap could then no longer detect the heart rate.
  4. What is the detection distance? For best results the distance between the chest strap with the HRM Blue and your Smartphone should not exceed 50 m. PLEASE BE AWARE this detection distance is not valid within water, as the damping of water is too high for a low energy protocol (only very short distances within water  10 cm are max. possible).
  5. Skin Types and Body hair: Skin types differ in human kind and it may need some time to receive stable signals esp. during cold and dry winter months. Body hair can affect the detection and transmission of heart rate signals. If necessary, trim or shave chest hair where the transmitter sensing electrodes will contact your skin.
  6. Is the battery power still sufficient? The HRM Blue has an optimized battery consumption. After your training please disconnect the transmitter at least on one side of the belt and keep the transmitter in a dry location. This will improve the life time of your battery. Nevertheless it can happen even within the best products that depending on usage the battery must be replaced. If the battery of our transmitter needs to be changed, please follow the instruction in the long version of the operating instructions (please see bullet 4) that can be downloaded from our homepage. DO ONLY use CR 2032 batteries for the replacement. The new BLSFHR02 will contain a remaining battery life feature (shown in percent) that will be supported by some applications to make it easier for you to decide when you need to replace your battery.
  7. Electromagnetic interferences: Keep as much distance between the HRM Blue and electromagnetic sources. High voltage power lines, television signals, motors, motor driven exercise equipment, and any other high frequency electromagnetic interferences may influence or prevent proper heart rate transmission from the chest strap.
  8. Dehydratation and alcohol consumption can affect the detection and accuracy of the heart rate display. For an accurate measure, it is advised to wait until your body condition stabilizes before using the transmitter.
  9. On some devices it can help to switch to airplane mode and back if the sensor is not detected and Bluetooth was turned on.
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